What to do When You Hit Barriers to Your Success

By Doug Armey

“We know the truth, not only by the reason, but by the heart.” Blaise Pascal

Have you ever hit the wall? Barriers you can’t get past?

Setting up this blog took days but was coming together.  I had the host, locked my domain, created a Wordpress account and found a really cool theme.  I’d done it all myself.  For a non-tech guy I’d made it happen.  I was feeling good!

Then suddenly the search function conked.  I tried everything.  Over the next three days I contacted everyone I could, went on forums and searched out fixes.  At the end it still didn’t work.  “Now what?  How do I get past this?” I thought.

I started feeling sorry for myself.  “Why does this always happen to me?  And just when everything was going so well.”

Then I took control of my thoughts. “Ok, this is a barrier to success.  Not the end.  God has a new plan.  He has a better way.  I‘ll look for the good.”

I prayed, “God where do you want me to go with this?  How do we solve this?”

I searched for ideas.  Looked at ways to get around it.  Wrote down alternatives.  Then I remembered reading about a company that was recommended by another blogger for hosting and design.  I found the reference and emailed the owner, “Can you fix this?”

“Absolutely,” he replied.  “That’s what we do.  I’ll have a consultant contact you.”

They created a theme, got the site up and answered my questions.

I’m back doing what I like, helping people succeed in their financial dreams and writing about it.  They’re doing what they like, designing and running web sites.  Everyone’s ecstatic.

And I whispered, “Thank you Father.  Once again you did know best and have a better plan.”

We all hit barriers to our success.

Things stop us from accomplishing our dreams.  We try going over, around or motoring through.   Sometimes we just can’t get past.  We have two choices.  We can stay where we are banging away, moaning, “It’s just my luck.  This always happens to me.  Why am I always the one?”  And finally give up in despair.

Or we can look for the good and start trekking on to success again.

But how do we do this?  How do we look for the good?

First, believe God has a perfect plan in this situation.  Trust he’ll guide you.  Change your focus.  Stop fixating on the problem and the same worn out solutions.  Open your mind to new possibilities and directions.

Second, ask God, “Where are you leading me?  What’s your plan?  Show me the new way you have.”

Third, listen. Turn off your TV, radio and computer.  Find a quiet place where you can think and pray.  Talk to God about the problem and let him guide you to new ideas.  Write down all the possible solutions.

Fourth, research the new ideas.  Will they work?  What do others do?  What’s worked in the past?  How do other’s implement these plans?

Fifth, go! Rarely will God lead you to a full blown plan at the beginning.   You need get going, try new things, work at it.  Then refine as you go.

You’ll shift from despair to hope. From depression to anticipation.  You’ll stop living in the past and start looking forward to the future.  You,ll start looking for the good, everyday.

Then you can continue forward in your adventure called life.  You’re back on track to your success.  You may be on a new road but that’s exciting.

I’ve watched this happen so many times.  God has led me through difficulties and challenges.  I look back and he’s always there guiding me.  I’ve taken some different trails than I anticipated.  But in hindsight they were always the perfect ones.

Try it.  Let me know what you find.

“And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28, NET)

If this post helps you please share it.  I appreciate it.  D.


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