Unlocking the Amazing Power of Intuition to Solve the Unsolvable

By Doug Armey

I’ve hit lots of impasses in starting several businesses, pastoring a church, speaking weekly, writing a blog.  Places I just can’t seem to get past.  Unsolvable problems.

When I was younger my solution was to double my efforts.  Bulldoze the barrier.  Often, though, all I accomplished was exhaustion, frustration and a headache.  And most of the time got no closer to accomplishment.

Through the years, though, I’ve learned techniques for unlocking my intuition.   Hearing God’s inner voice.

Maybe you’re at one of those places right now in your career, business, marriage, health.  You’ve hit an impasse you simply can’t solve.  You’ve worked harder than ever but still no progress.

Often the problem isn’t lack of effort.  It’s lack insight.

We keep treading the same path we’ve gone before yet think with a little more effort we’ll have a different result.  Someone once said that was the definition of insanity.

Jack Canfield wrote, “For most people, early education and training taught us to look outside of ourselves for the answers to our questions. But we have the answers we need inside. Our unconscious mind is the source of our hidden genius.  Everyone has intuition. Successful people learn to develop this muscle and follow their inner guidance. If you want to leverage your innate wisdom to create greater success, you must learn to tap into your intuition at will.”

So how do we cultivate that intuition or inner voice?  And what is it?

Intuition, subconscious, God’s leading?  Where one takes over and another stops I don’t know.  Makes no difference.  But that inner leading we can cultivate so it becomes an effective strategy for solving problems.

Yet, that inner leading is not a substitute for doing the hard work.

I’ve heard people say, “Well, God will lead me in what he wants me to do.  I don’t need to plan and work toward goals.”

Wrong perspective.  As Jack Canfield said we need to “develop this muscle.”  And muscles are developed through hard work.

So we do the work of experimenting, studying, trying, consulting, asking questions, testing.  But sometimes after we have done all that we still come to a place of impasse that we simply can’t break through.

So then we need to detach.

Separate from the problem for a while to give our intuition a chance.

In the midst of the frenzied work we can’t focus on new solutions.  We can’t see new ways of viewing the problem.

We need to let go and do something entirely different to allow our subconscious or God’s leading to kick in.

When we forget about the challenge, our minds deep in the subconscious through God’s leading rearrange the pieces.  We gain insights that, while consciously working, we’d have never seen.  We’re too close to the problem.  We can’t see fresh answers.

But when we detach suddenly we can have the unique breakthrough insights we need.

I love what Proverbs says, “A person plans his ways, but God directs his steps.”

I can’t even say how many times I’ve been stumped on a problem.  Worked hard and can’t seem to breakthrough.  Finally, I’ll detach.  Go on to other things forgetting about the situation for a while.

And suddenly, while I’m focused on something completely different a fresh insight will pop into my mind.  It’ll be the next step.  The answer I need.  And I know God is leading me.  Through my intuition, subconscious or his inner promptings I don’t care.  All I know is it happens and I’m glad.

It happens most often in times when I’m quiet, though.

I purposely plan quiet moments into my life. While fixing breakfast.  Listening to music in the sunroom on Sunday morning.  Working in the garden or on one of the fun cars on Saturday.  Sailing or riding the chairlift while skiing.  Walking the beach watching the ocean crash on the shore.

God won’t shout above the noise.  He won’t scream to get your attention above the TV or radio.  He won’t force himself in through the hurriedness of our often over scheduled lives.  He will speak to us in the quiet times, though, if we let ourselves hear him.

When Elijah needed to hear God he went away by himself.  And after the fury of a storm God spoke to him in “a still small voice.”

He still does.

But we need to expect that inner leading.  Anticipate it.

Otherwise we won’t be listening.  We won’t take the time to stop the frenzy.

But when we slow down it will come.  If we listen expectantly we will hear.  If we anticipate the answers we’ll receive them.

When I’m stumped I purposely detach or redirect because I know an answer will come.  I’ve experienced this so often it simply is an expectation that’s part of my problem solving process.  I know the leading will come so I purposely build in time for it.  Often it’s the quickest and surest way to solve the seemingly insurmountable.

But then why wouldn’t we expect it?

Jesus promised his followers the Holy Spirit who will live within us.  Then he said, “He will guide you and tell you about the future.”

Isn’t that what we all need?  Insights to guide us into the future?  Help in solving the unsolvable?

The amazing power of intuition, God’s leading.  Have you experienced it?  When?

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  1. Doug,
    I really enjoyed this post. I agree with everything you’ve said. I like to think that our intuition is our innate intelligence – unspoiled by the rationalizations of the ego mind. I would go so far as to call it “pure intelligence.” It’s so true – we won’t hear our intuition if we’re stressing out over a problem. Intuition is quiet but powerful if we learn to listen. I find daily meditation to be the greatest habit for unlocking intuition. Thanks so much for this excellent article.

  2. Doug Armey says:


    All great perspectives. Whatever it is, and perhaps it is a combination of things, harnessing the power of intuition is incredibly powerful as you said.


  3. Andrew says:

    Most people nowadays don’t have time to stop & listen to their intuition…..they are too busy doing things. Spurred on by major ad campaigns (ie., “Just Do It”) & a celebrity worship mentality, it appears current generations believe that the more stuff you do, the more hectic & frenzied your life is, the happier you will be. I have always cherished the simple things ie., time spent alone in quiet contemplation or taking nature walks w/ my spouse, listening to the wind blow & the birds sing. I find this quiet time is when I am most in tune with nature’s pulse & thus able to detect the “inner leading” you wrote about.

  4. Doug Armey says:


    So true. Yet, when we slow down we actually save time because our inner voice can take over and lead us straight through some of the most challenging problems.


  5. Tedavisi says:


    It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing…