“If you look at the biggest successes in the world, whether Apple CEO Steve Jobs, comedian Chris Rock, or award-winning architect Frank Gehry, what do they have in common?  Answer: the bigger they are, the more small bets they make.  Becoming the best of the best is less about betting the farm (a common misconception) and more about constant tinkering.” Tim Ferris

If you set out to make a difference, change your world, choose to be extraordinary, you will at some point hit the wall. Guaranteed. Read More→

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This song by J.J. Heller reminds us we truly are amazing.  As we talked about on Tuesday God made us amazing, thinks we’re amazing and sets us free to be amazing.


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“Quality isn’t job one.  Being totally . . . amazing is job one.”  Hugh Macleod

Most of want to stand out.  We secretly dream of being amazing.

Those, at the top in their field, make it look easy.  We think, “I could do that.”  Yet, we soon realize though there have been a lot of hours spent behind the scenes.

It’s one of the reasons reality TV and computer games are so popular, I’m convinced.  We can live out vicariously being amazing through someone else.

I just read a review for the new release of the Tiger Woods golf computer game.  With a little practice, as in minutes rather than years, play like you’re Tiger.  Read More→

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Very cool video that talks about going home.  Tuesday we talked about our real home.  The one that starts now and lasts forever.


What do you think?

A friend died unexpectedly four days ago.  We had visited two days before in my office.  Everything seemed normal.  Chatted about business and our kids.

Then, I got a call Friday morning he had passed away during the night.  I was stunned.

A year before he had a slight heart attack and by-pass surgery.  But he had recovered and was looking great.  Same old Bill.  Then he was gone.

Caused me to wonder, “If he had known a year ago this was the last year of his life would he have lived it any differently?”

Then I thought, “If I knew this was the last year of my life would I live it differently?”

We all know we have a finite amount of time here on earth.  We all want to make the most of it.  It’s tricky though because we don’t know how much time we have.  We don’t get a countdown.  If we did we might live more proactively, at least our last year.  Personally, I’m glad I don’t know. Read More→

“Conventional people are roused to fury by departure from convention, largely because they regard such departure as a criticism of themselves.”  Bertrand Russell

Have you ever ventured out into something unconventional and been criticized?  Ever tried to change your world and been personally attacked?  Attempted something new you felt would make a positive difference only to have it undermined by a friend?

Go down the list through history—scientists, religious leaders, political leaders, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, inventors.  Everyone who has challenged the status quo and attempted to change it for the better has faced criticism. Read More→

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“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”  Robert F. Kennedy

I’ve spent sleepless nights staring at the ceiling in the dark worrying if we would survive failure.

We’ve built five businesses and helped turnaround a dying church.  People have sabotaged and threatened me.  We’ve come close to bankruptcy once and failure countless times.  I’ve been scared.  Yet, would I go back and do it all over the easy way?  Not take on the challenges?  Sometimes I dream about that.  But no.

We all have dreams.  Dreams to accomplish great and meaningful things.  Dreams to be successful beyond the ordinary.

But when we set out to accomplish them it’s scary.  We could fail.  And the greater the dream the more spectacular the failure.

It’s so easy to run away.  To think, “What am I doing?  I can’t accomplish that.  If I try and fail what will everyone say?” Read More→

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“Most people in this or any other industry are by definition mediocrities.  Assuming you don’t want to be a mediocrity, this would seem to suggest that you had better take pains to seal yourself off from most of the people around you.  Moreover, my experience. . . clearly indicates that you rise to the level of your superiors or sink to the level of your inferiors. . . depending purely on with which group you spend more time and energy interacting.”  Nick Murray

Have you ever noticed how some of the most personable people, the ones you love hanging with, are also the most mediocre in their accomplishments?  They’re fun.  Always up for a party.  Quick with a joke.  We enjoy their friendship.  Yet, occassionally we can feel we’re wasting our time.  We feel like we’re being sucked into a vortex that’s going nowhere.  In a word—mediocrity. Read More→

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