Experiencing Miracles in the Important Insignificant

By Doug Armey

This post was originally published on May 25, 2010

The terrorist cat attacked again. This time our toughest male cat.  Back to the vet for more antibiotics.  Two weeks before the ninja cat had nearly killed our kitten.  He still hadn’t fully recovered.  This had been going on sporadically for three months.  We kept the food picked up after feeding time.  I’d shooed him away.  I kept thinking the stray would wander on.  In fact, there were weeks I wouldn’t see the big orange cat around and I’d think, “Finally, he’s gone.”  Then he’d sneak in and attack again.

We were getting ready to go on vacation for two weeks.  “We can’t have this going on.  If this had happened when we were gone the kitten wouldn’t have survived.  I’ve got to trap him,” I said to my wife.

Two problems. One I wasn’t sure where he was living.  Second, one of our cats roams our orchard and back field hunting mice.  She would no doubt end up in the trap.

I had no choice.  So I put out the live-catch cage trap baiting it with some nice stinky canned cat food.  As I put it out on Friday night I prayed, “God, help us catch him.”

In the morning I went out to see if I’d caught anything.  Nothing.  I prayed again, “God we really need to catch him.”

I checked two hours later and the trap was full.  Looking helplessly at me was our wanderer cat Tabitha.  I thought, “Well this is good.  She is smart enough not to get caught again.  So now I just need to find our terrorist.”

I reset the trap and went on doing some of my normal Saturday things.  Later in the afternoon I walked down our access way to the back of our property where we keep our sail boat stored for the winter.   As I looked at the boat there was our orange terrorist sitting on top of it under the cover.  I thought, “Alright!”

So I brought the trap, put extra food in it and set it in the cockpit of the boat.  By this time he had run off.  I prayed once more, “God, please help me catch this cat.  I can’t leave and have him here tearing up our other cats.”

I checked through the rest of the afternoon.  Nothing.

I checked before we went out for dinner.  Nothing.

I checked when we came home from dinner.  “Got him!” I yelled.

He snarled, hissed, slammed the cage.  He tried to grab me when I covered the cage with a towel.  His face looked like the male lions in Africa with scars all over it.  I thought, “Our poor little cats were only a warm up round for this guy.  He’s been living on his own and fighting for a long time.”

Next day we took a trip to the SPCA.

Later, as the sun was setting it was one of those near perfect spring evenings in Fresno.   I sat in our sunroom with the doors open, a gentle breeze drifting through.  Our cats wandered in and out brushing my legs.  The kitten jumped up beside me on the love seat purring.  As some soft music played it was one of those moments I thought, “All is well in my world.”

And I whispered, “Thank you Lord.”

Ok, I know you may be saying, “But that’s so insignificant.”

That’s exactly my point.  That’s where we live our lives every day.

But you say, “The world cries with hunger, famine, human injustice, nuclear threat, corruption. Shouldn’t we be praying about and trying to fix those things?”

Absolutely, but God delights in answering the insignificant but important prayers we ask.

“But we should focus our lives on the big issues.”

But we live our lives in the important insignificant.

And when we pray for those everyday issues, and really look for the answers we get to see God work.  And that gives us encouragement to pray for the big issues where we rarely get to see the answers.

“But God doesn’t want to be bothered with our insignificant prayers.”

Is that how we feel when our 7 year old comes to us and says, “Daddy, can you fix my bike?”

We don’t say, “Well son if you had asked me for world peace I would have worked on it with you.  But since it’s only your bike I don’t have time.”  Of course not.  We love to help our children.  The request may be insignificant to us but it’s important to him.

Our heavenly father feels the same way.

Jesus said, “You parents—if your children ask for a loaf of bread, do you give them a stone instead? Or if they ask for a fish, do you give them a snake? Of course not! So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him?” (Matthew 7:9-11, NLT)

He says simply ask and expect your loving father to answer.  We don’t need to qualify the request to make sure it’s significant enough or put in the right language.  Just ask.

What are you struggling with?


What do you need?


What would you like?


The apostle Paul says, “Pray without ceasing.”

He wasn’t referring to monotonous repetitious chanting prayers but continually praying for our needs throughout the day.

As you drive, pray.

As you fix dinner, pray.

As you get your cup of coffee, pray.

As you take a walk, pray.

God’s ready to answer.  He just wants us to ask and anticipate.  Then experience miracles in the important insignificant.

“God says you can pray about everything.  Nothing is too great for God’s power.  Nothing is too insignificant for His care.”   Rick Warren

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