Don’t Be the Best!

By Doug Armey

I began this blog a year ago with a dream.  I wanted to help people live more successful lives through applying practical spiritual principles.  It’s been a challenge, though.  Writing weekly is demanding.  Having the site crash not once but twice, exasperating.  Especially for a non tech guy who just wants to turn on the computer and have it work.

I’ve reached several thousand readers yet haven’t made deep connections with many of them.

And a year later I’m evaluating and asking, “Is it really making a difference?”

I recently read a quote which focused my thoughts.I can’t find the source but he said:

“Don’t be the best at what you do.  Be the only one doing what you do.”

I thought about writers with huge followings.  Or companies that create devoted fans.   They live out that philosophy.  They connect with people in a way no one else does.

It caused me to ask, “Is this blog meeting peoples’ needs in a unique way?  Are the readers coming away with help and encouragement they can’t get any where else?  What am I uniquely qualified to share?  What are readers coming here to get?

At this point, I quite honestly don’t have all those answers.  I’m working through this process even as I write this.  So I’m giving you a glimpse inside my own journey as it’s happening.  There’s no neat tied up conclusion.  Yet, the journey is important and I want you to share in it.  Perhaps it will help you on the same kind of quest.

Chris Guillebeau, a successful blogger, wrote, “What can you offer the world no one else can?”

We can have success, for sure, without reaching that point. But those who rocket into the extraordinary realm devote their lives to answering that question.

Interestingly the apostle Paul had a similar focus.  He wrote, “My ambition has always been to preach the Good News where the name of Christ has never been heard, rather than where a church has already been started by someone else.” (Romans 15:20, NLT)

So much success teaching says, “Be the best.  Out compete everyone else.”

But what does that mean really?

And what if you don’t have the ability to be the best in your field?

Or what if you are the best in a dead end career?  Or a dying industry?

We may be the best but still slowly fail.

I think we need better questions?

For me the journey looks like this right now.

First, I’m asking, “Where is the need?”  Or as my son reframed it, “Where is the gap?” Where are the needs that aren’t being fulfilled?  What is important that no one is doing well?

Second, I’m evaluating myself realistically. Now that’s a little spooky.  What are my talents, education and experience?  What gaps can I fill?  There are lots of gaps.  Doesn’t mean I have the expertise to fill them, though.  I need a realistic view.

Third, I’m pondering, “What am I passionate about doing?” If I’m going to pay the price of being successful, particularly on these terms, it’s incredibly hard and at times frustrating.  If I’m not passionate I’ll give up long before I achieve success.

Fourth, I’ve asked for input from others. “What am I doing well?  What could I do better?  What is the strength of this blog?  What gap is it filling?”  This helps me see it through other’s eyes and see if it’s making a difference.

What drives this journey for me, though, is believing God has created each of us with unique gifts and experiences. Those can be used to help others and build a uniquely successful life.  I trust he’ll guide me into that success even when life seems fuzzy.

And finally, I have the realization that God has prepared a blessed life of abundance for each of us as his child no matter what. hat takes off a lot of the pressure.  He blesses me in so many ways everyday that this is just the last ten percent in creating a fulfilling life.  That helps me keep it all in perspective and enjoy the journey.

So I’m going to ask you a favor.  Some of you have been with me throughout this journey.  Some may be new here.  Either is ok.

I would love feedback from you.  What posts have helped you personally the most?  If you don’t have a title a description is fine.  What do you come here for?  What is the gap it’s filling for you?

If you would answer those questions in an email to me I would appreciate it so much.  I’m asking you to be apart of this journey with me.  And thanks for being along for the ride so far.

If this post has encouraged you please let me know and share it with a friend.  And if you want regular updates please subscribe.  I appreciate it.

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