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Overcoming All Odds to Triumph

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An amazing story of triumph in overcoming all setbacks.

It inspired me and brought tears to my eyes as I watched it.  I hope it does the same for you.

It is a longer video but well worth watching.

Please, let me know your thoughts.

What does triumph mean to you? How have you overcome challenges?

And share it with someone who needs encouragement.

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(A repost of one of my most viewed posts as I take a brief hiatus)

J.K. Rowling, the author of the best selling Harry Potter series, gave the commencement address at Harvard University in 2008.  She spoke about how hitting rock-bottom failure led to her phenomenal success.

She dreamed of writing fantasy when she was young.  Yet, her parents felt it was a waste of time.  So they prodded her to pursue something more practical.  But she secretly continued to write, study literature and dream.

She got married, gave birth to a daughter.  Then went through a divorce leaving her out of work and financially destitute.

She said she was, “As poor as you can be in England and not be homeless.” Read More→

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Are You Willing to Be Extraordinary?

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(First posted on Sept. 28, 2010)

When I started my financial advising career in 1997 I dreamed of great success.  Early on I was introduced to reality, though.  This is a tough business.  Incredibly competitive and pressurized.

I set out to build a fee based business which I felt better served my clients.  It also would be a more stable business that would give me freedom after getting it established.

The veterans in our office, who were all transaction brokers, told me, “It’ll never work.  You can’t build a fee based business.  You’ll starve before you succeed.”

In the first couple of years they were right.  If we hadn’t had savings to get us through we would have been a lot thinner.

But I knew the kind of business I wanted.  I wanted to do strategic things with my life, including writing, and yet not give up my business.  Once built it would be a great platform to expand from. Read More→

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I’ve hit lots of impasses in starting several businesses, pastoring a church, speaking weekly, writing a blog.  Places I just can’t seem to get past.  Unsolvable problems.

When I was younger my solution was to double my efforts.  Bulldoze the barrier.  Often, though, all I accomplished was exhaustion, frustration and a headache.  And most of the time got no closer to accomplishment.

Through the years, though, I’ve learned techniques for unlocking my intuition.   Hearing God’s inner voice.

Maybe you’re at one of those places right now in your career, business, marriage, health.  You’ve hit an impasse you simply can’t solve.  You’ve worked harder than ever but still no progress. Read More→

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“If you look at the biggest successes in the world, whether Apple CEO Steve Jobs, comedian Chris Rock, or award-winning architect Frank Gehry, what do they have in common?  Answer: the bigger they are, the more small bets they make.  Becoming the best of the best is less about betting the farm (a common misconception) and more about constant tinkering.” Tim Ferris

If you set out to make a difference, change your world, choose to be extraordinary, you will at some point hit the wall. Guaranteed. Read More→

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Be Amazing!

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“Quality isn’t job one.  Being totally . . . amazing is job one.”  Hugh Macleod

Most of want to stand out.  We secretly dream of being amazing.

Those, at the top in their field, make it look easy.  We think, “I could do that.”  Yet, we soon realize though there have been a lot of hours spent behind the scenes.

It’s one of the reasons reality TV and computer games are so popular, I’m convinced.  We can live out vicariously being amazing through someone else.

I just read a review for the new release of the Tiger Woods golf computer game.  With a little practice, as in minutes rather than years, play like you’re Tiger.  Read More→

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How to Handle Criticism Constructively

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“Conventional people are roused to fury by departure from convention, largely because they regard such departure as a criticism of themselves.”  Bertrand Russell

Have you ever ventured out into something unconventional and been criticized?  Ever tried to change your world and been personally attacked?  Attempted something new you felt would make a positive difference only to have it undermined by a friend?

Go down the list through history—scientists, religious leaders, political leaders, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, inventors.  Everyone who has challenged the status quo and attempted to change it for the better has faced criticism. Read More→

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Scared You Will Fail? Good!

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“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”  Robert F. Kennedy

I’ve spent sleepless nights staring at the ceiling in the dark worrying if we would survive failure.

We’ve built five businesses and helped turnaround a dying church.  People have sabotaged and threatened me.  We’ve come close to bankruptcy once and failure countless times.  I’ve been scared.  Yet, would I go back and do it all over the easy way?  Not take on the challenges?  Sometimes I dream about that.  But no.

We all have dreams.  Dreams to accomplish great and meaningful things.  Dreams to be successful beyond the ordinary.

But when we set out to accomplish them it’s scary.  We could fail.  And the greater the dream the more spectacular the failure.

It’s so easy to run away.  To think, “What am I doing?  I can’t accomplish that.  If I try and fail what will everyone say?” Read More→

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