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What If You Had One Year to Live?

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A friend died unexpectedly four days ago.  We had visited two days before in my office.  Everything seemed normal.  Chatted about business and our kids.

Then, I got a call Friday morning he had passed away during the night.  I was stunned.

A year before he had a slight heart attack and by-pass surgery.  But he had recovered and was looking great.  Same old Bill.  Then he was gone.

Caused me to wonder, “If he had known a year ago this was the last year of his life would he have lived it any differently?”

Then I thought, “If I knew this was the last year of my life would I live it differently?”

We all know we have a finite amount of time here on earth.  We all want to make the most of it.  It’s tricky though because we don’t know how much time we have.  We don’t get a countdown.  If we did we might live more proactively, at least our last year.  Personally, I’m glad I don’t know. Read More→

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Scared You Will Fail? Good!

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“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”  Robert F. Kennedy

I’ve spent sleepless nights staring at the ceiling in the dark worrying if we would survive failure.

We’ve built five businesses and helped turnaround a dying church.  People have sabotaged and threatened me.  We’ve come close to bankruptcy once and failure countless times.  I’ve been scared.  Yet, would I go back and do it all over the easy way?  Not take on the challenges?  Sometimes I dream about that.  But no.

We all have dreams.  Dreams to accomplish great and meaningful things.  Dreams to be successful beyond the ordinary.

But when we set out to accomplish them it’s scary.  We could fail.  And the greater the dream the more spectacular the failure.

It’s so easy to run away.  To think, “What am I doing?  I can’t accomplish that.  If I try and fail what will everyone say?” Read More→

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Proactively Wasting Time to Increase Productivity

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“When we stop forcing, the breakthrough often comes.  A creator then finds a rhythm. They certainly show up to their work. They put in hours harvesting what has come to the surface. They edit chapters, write blogs, polish songs, record their music and so forth. But they rest, too. They turn off their minds and let the soil work for them.”  Don Miller

We’re the most connected generation in history.  Facebook, Twitter, email, texting, cell phones.  There is almost nowhere and no time we cannot connect.

Because of the technology there’s a huge movement to work remotely.  We can work from home or on vacation and accomplish what could only have been done sitting physically in an office 50 years ago.

But the good news has also become the bad news. Read More→

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You’re Free–Enjoy It!

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Driving home after work one evening I was suddenly jarred out of my drifting thoughts by the sound of a bull horn blasting.  I was sitting at a stop light at the busiest intersection in Fresno, our “speaker’s corner.”

My 20 minute drive is a nice time to mentally process the day before arriving home to see Jennifer and starting our evening.

I was curious what he was saying so I rolled down my window.  But because he was yelling through the bull horn the message was garbled.  Then I saw a sign by him that simply said, “Pray Here.”

No one was.

My first thought, “Great just what we need another nut case yelling about Jesus.  Interesting that Jesus never yelled about himself.” Read More→

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Leaving Religion to Find Faith

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My pastor committed suicide a few months ago. Life isn’t supposed to work like that.  Pastors have it all together we assume.   Even though, having been one, I know they don’t.

The devastation to his family and friends was indescribable.  We found out later he had struggled intensely with depression over the previous months.  He’d been on an extended leave and we were told at the time only that he was “working through some things” and we weren’t to call or email him.

In the aftermath, the official church stance sounded a lot to me like God had failed.  God had created Jamie the way he was.  He hadn’t healed him when we prayed.  He hadn’t protected him when he needed it most.  And now this.

I rebelled against that position.  But then I’ve chafed under official authority most of my life so that wasn’t brand new.

I checked out of church to clear my thinking.  Ask some hard questions.  “If God is all powerful why did this happen?  If God didn’t fail then what went wrong?  Do we and God really have no power over depression if it’s simply a chemical imbalance or congenital defect?” Read More→

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