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How to Recover from a Medical Disaster

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This is a guest post at Good Life Zen.

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Overcoming the Tyranny of the Urgent

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I recently got blindsided with a slug of unexpected urgencies that buried me.  Jennifer and I are thankfully at a place in life we can enjoy some of the fruits like less financial stress and more time off.

Yet, I have a low threshold for boredom so I tend to over commit.  I accepted the presidency of my Rotary club, which is one of the largest in the world.  This blog requires hours each week.  This on top of running a business, investing, personal activities, staying up with our children and recent extended family demands.  So when we had to empty out several rentals because of bad managers, remodel them and take over the management ourselves it put me over the top.

I crashed.  Ended up with an infection and exhausted.  Finally, a doctor visit, antibiotics and a lot of sleep.

In the midst I thought, “How did I get myself into this mess?  And how can I keep from getting caught up in this cycle again?  How can I manage this stress better and yet be productive?”

I realized, not for the first time, I had quit building in down time.  I was racing from one responsibility to the next with precious little time to think.  And I simply didn’t have any margin for contingencies.  So when the wheels came off I went over the cliff.  Not exactly the good life. Read More→

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