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Celebrating Life after Life

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I was chatting with a friend, at a car show recently, not the place you’d anticipate having a deep spiritual conversation.  Yet, he told me about his brother who had just passed away in his early 70’s.  As we stood under his blue popup sun shade on a warm September afternoon listening to classic rock blasting across the parking lot he related a fascinating story.

His brother had cancer and his prescribed treatment would extend his life for a few months but leave him sick every day.  So his brother elected not to receive the treatments.  He told Ron, “I’d rather just live out my life and when it is over it’s over.”

When his brother was near the end some friends decided they wanted to see him one last time.  So one suggested, “Hey, we know where he’s going.  He’s just heading out a little ahead of us.  So let’s take some champagne and have a bon-voyage party for him.” Read More→

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