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Becoming a father takes a moment.  Being a dad takes a life time.

Yet, the greatest pleasure in my life is the time I spend with my kids and their mom.  It’s not a sacrifice.  There’s nothing I would rather do.

For all I have taught my children they have taught me a hundred fold more.  I would not be the person I am today if I had not been blessed with them.

So to all you fathers who are trying to be dads.  To all who are feeling swamped with diapers or car insurance or college expenses hang in there.  We only go through this life once.  And this is the best.

There is no greater calling and no greater joy than to have your kids call you “Dad.”  Enjoy it!

Happy Father’s Day!

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Taking My Own Advice

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Of late, I’ve realized more and more I’m racing to get everything done.  Run my business.  Invest effectively.  Write this blog.  As well as have time to be a good husband, father, friend, exercise, have fun and get enough sleep.  Whew, makes me exhausted thinking about it.

When I accepted the presidency of my Rotary Club, one of the largest in the world, it put me over the top.  It’s an honor to be asked but it comes with great expectations and responsibilities.  So while happy to serve it’s like having a second job.

About two weeks ago I finally hit the wall.  I caught a respiratory virus and melted down.

While lying in bed somewhere between dreaming and consciousness I realized I was not doing what I have written about—building margin into my life.  My days had become a succession of running from meeting to meeting and launching new programs.  I was exhausted and knew I couldn’t keep this pace.

So I’m taking my own advice.  Dialing back the blog for a while.  I won’t be posting regularly but sporadically as I have time and inspiration.  I simply need to build in reserve to regain my health and energy.

One of the things that’s different about writing a blog compared to writing articles or a book is it happens in real time.  No matter what else is going on in my life every week I need to come up with fresh ideas for posts.  Right now I’m simply drained and need step back.

I’m going to evaluate the blog.  Experiment as I feel led.  Try some fresh ideas.  Get re-enthused.

So welcome new posts when they come.  Give me feedback on the changes.  And build in margin in your own life if you need it.

We’ll talk soon.

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(A repost of one of my most viewed posts as I take a brief hiatus)

J.K. Rowling, the author of the best selling Harry Potter series, gave the commencement address at Harvard University in 2008.  She spoke about how hitting rock-bottom failure led to her phenomenal success.

She dreamed of writing fantasy when she was young.  Yet, her parents felt it was a waste of time.  So they prodded her to pursue something more practical.  But she secretly continued to write, study literature and dream.

She got married, gave birth to a daughter.  Then went through a divorce leaving her out of work and financially destitute.

She said she was, “As poor as you can be in England and not be homeless.” Read More→

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Sunday Morning Music–Children of God

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A moving video by Third Day reminding us that we all are children of God as we are adopted into his family by his grace.  Brought tears to my eyes.
Hope it encourages you this day.

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