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Quit Doing Good–Unleash Your Best

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“The cost of a thing is the amount of what I call life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run.”  Henry David Thoreau

Most of us desire to achieve our absolute best.

Our lives fill with lots of good activities.  Our career, volunteer time, church, family, hobbies.  Fun things.  Important things.  Yet, when new opportunities open up we often don’t have any extra capacity.  So we either ignore it or we paste it into our over committed schedule.  Neither alternative works.  One we miss it.  The other we half heartedly pursue it. Read More→

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One Man Who Changed History–You’ve Never Heard Of

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Last Saturday, unknowingly, I sat next to a man at a luncheon who literally changed history.

I was attending a weekend training conference of Rotary International for incoming club presidents.

Rotary International, is the largest and oldest service club in the world. There are over 1.2 million members in over 200 countries and territories.  It’s made up of business and community leaders who choose to make a difference in their world with their time and money.

One of the major projects, for which Rotary is known today, is their effort to eradicate polio worldwide. 35 years ago they began this dream, when hundreds of thousands of primarily children had contracted this dreaded disease and died or been crippled for life. Read More→

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Proactively Wasting Time to Increase Productivity

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“When we stop forcing, the breakthrough often comes.  A creator then finds a rhythm. They certainly show up to their work. They put in hours harvesting what has come to the surface. They edit chapters, write blogs, polish songs, record their music and so forth. But they rest, too. They turn off their minds and let the soil work for them.”  Don Miller

We’re the most connected generation in history.  Facebook, Twitter, email, texting, cell phones.  There is almost nowhere and no time we cannot connect.

Because of the technology there’s a huge movement to work remotely.  We can work from home or on vacation and accomplish what could only have been done sitting physically in an office 50 years ago.

But the good news has also become the bad news. Read More→

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Crazy or Genius? You Decide!

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The dream turned into a wakeup call.  My first year as a financial consultant I netted $10,000.  A little short of my goals.  With a family of four and two kids heading towards college this was a setback of major scale.  We had saved, invested and planned before launching but still this was worse than I ever imagined.

The biggest obstacle was self imposed.  I wanted to build a fee based advising and planning business.  By doing this I collected a small quarterly fee rather than a much larger commission.  I wanted to build a business with a long term focus.  Help people plan their financial futures while reducing the potential conflicts of interest.

In the short term it meant giving up 80 percent of my income.  In the long term it meant building a scalable business that could grow exponentially.

Many of the veteran brokers told me, “You’re crazy.  You can’t build a business like that.  You’ll never survive.  People won’t go along with it.  You’re a fool.” Read More→

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How to Rise from Obscurity To Become an Overnight Success

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Steve Cohen, “The Millionaire’s Magician,” became an overnight success.  Really?

As a child he was intrigued watching and performing magic tricks.  He had natural talent and unbounded interest.

He says, “While other kids went to soccer and football camp during the summer I went to geeky magic camp.”

No doubt growing up he probably wasn’t the big man on campus.

He performed through college, perfecting his skills and earning a living.  After graduation he married a Japanese woman and they moved to Tokyo.  There he connected with the general manager of a large hotel.  After a private showing he gained a contract to put on magic shows.

He eventually returned to the US and set out to be a career magician.  But how do you break into the big time?  The field was already crowded with headline performers.  And how do you make contact with the people you need to?

He would do small preview shows for agents to get contracts.  Then start all over when it ran out. Read More→

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