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Rick King, a past president of Rotary International, in a recent speech said, “Quit putting off living.  Whatever your dream—start now.  Today is your life!”

Wow!  So simple, yet so profound.

I think we all struggle with this.

We each carry inside the seeds of greatness.  We have dreams of changing our world and making it better.  We have abilities we enjoy and are fulfilled in sharing.

Yet, life happens.  Good things.  Family, work, activities.  And our dreams often get put on hold.  Our aspirations give way to everyday living.

And we think, “Someday.  When the kids are through school.  When life settles down.  When the house is paid off.  When I retire.  Then I’ll accomplish all I wanted to. Read More→

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Last week I was in the midst of one of those questioning times.  I periodically wonder if what I’m communicating really is helping people.  I want to maximize my life.  So I was reexamining.

I received a phone call on Tuesday afternoon at my office.  My secretary told me the name which sounded vaguely familiar.  So I took the call.

When I answered he said, “This is Larry (giving his last name).  I don’t know if you remember me but I went to seminary with you in Chicago.” Read More→

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How to Build in Margin to Release Peaceful Productivity

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The fall had been incredibly busy and exhausting.  Jennifer and I are thankfully at a place where we have good income, enough investments and time to enjoy them.  Yet, both of us fill up our lives with interesting and important activities because there’s so much more to do.  And I don’t do boredom well.

So with the responsibilities of president-elect of my large Rotary club, writing this blog and running my business I felt overwhelmed.  Then I fired an inept property manager so we had several rentals needing to be remodeled and re-rented in the worst part of the year.

We both bonked.

The solution?  Work harder.  Keep my head down.  Spend longer hours trying to get it all completed.

The result?  Guess. Read More→

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