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How to Recover from a Medical Disaster

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This is a guest post at Good Life Zen.

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Hope you enjoy it.

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The Best Christmas Gift of All

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We just arrived home from a week in Cabo San Lucas.  I know–tough life.  The resort was decorated for Christmas and yet the weather in the mid 80s.  Seemed strange for winter.

We traveled with a friend who has battled her way back from cancer.  So the trip was a victory celebration.  And celebrate we did!  Maybe a little too much?

When we got back though, reality hit as it does each week. I need to write something that will touch and help my readers.  I thought what else could I write about Christmas that hasn’t already been written?  What can I say that you haven’t already heard?

As much joy as I find in writing it’s a pressure that some days I would rather live without.  This was one of those times. Read More→

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One of my most popular posts.  Originally posted July 20, 2010.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” John Lennon

This past weekend I spent time with a friend’s widow. It caused me to reflect on his life and my own.

Bob and I grew up together and swam competitively in high school. He was the only one of our group who could still fit in his Speedo forty years later. He retired in his early 50s and built a beautiful mountain home at Huntington Lake. After that he lived there most of the year, exercised daily, ate well and breathed clean mountain air.

Yet, three years ago he came down with a rare form of cancer. Read More→

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You’re Free–Enjoy It!

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Driving home after work one evening I was suddenly jarred out of my drifting thoughts by the sound of a bull horn blasting.  I was sitting at a stop light at the busiest intersection in Fresno, our “speaker’s corner.”

My 20 minute drive is a nice time to mentally process the day before arriving home to see Jennifer and starting our evening.

I was curious what he was saying so I rolled down my window.  But because he was yelling through the bull horn the message was garbled.  Then I saw a sign by him that simply said, “Pray Here.”

No one was.

My first thought, “Great just what we need another nut case yelling about Jesus.  Interesting that Jesus never yelled about himself.” Read More→

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