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Overcoming the Tyranny of the Urgent

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I recently got blindsided with a slug of unexpected urgencies that buried me.  Jennifer and I are thankfully at a place in life we can enjoy some of the fruits like less financial stress and more time off.

Yet, I have a low threshold for boredom so I tend to over commit.  I accepted the presidency of my Rotary club, which is one of the largest in the world.  This blog requires hours each week.  This on top of running a business, investing, personal activities, staying up with our children and recent extended family demands.  So when we had to empty out several rentals because of bad managers, remodel them and take over the management ourselves it put me over the top.

I crashed.  Ended up with an infection and exhausted.  Finally, a doctor visit, antibiotics and a lot of sleep.

In the midst I thought, “How did I get myself into this mess?  And how can I keep from getting caught up in this cycle again?  How can I manage this stress better and yet be productive?”

I realized, not for the first time, I had quit building in down time.  I was racing from one responsibility to the next with precious little time to think.  And I simply didn’t have any margin for contingencies.  So when the wheels came off I went over the cliff.  Not exactly the good life. Read More→

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A Secret Thanksgiving Recipe for Lasting Happiness

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As a kid, Thanksgiving being a month before Christmas, was always anticlimactic.  It was the holiday we had to get past to start the Christmas season.

Christmas was the big deal in our house.  Mom made sure everyone had presents under the tree.  Several Christmas dinners with cousins, including gift giving, made it special.  Vacation from school and hanging out with my friends added to the fun.

So Thanksgiving was just the warm up act.  It felt more like a delay than a holiday.  It was the kick-off to the real holiday season.  But not the real holiday.

Yet, as I’ve grown older Thanksgiving has become a favorite.  Because it’s the kick-off to the shopping season it kind of gets lost.  There are no big Thanksgiving sales.  No frantic rush of gift buying.  No marathon of Thanksgiving parties.  No huge expectations met or disappointed.  Just a quiet holiday with family and friends.

Our traditions have changed as our kids have become adults.  Now they get home on Wednesday evening, hopefully.  Thursday Jennifer and Beth are cooking.  So Drew and I find things to do outside.  Stay out of the cross-fire.

Working in the back garage on the classic cars.  Tuning up the skis for the upcoming season.  Throwing around the football.  Chopping wood.

It always involves lots of coffee and usually a couple of beers. Read More→

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The Search to Belong

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I have been busy writing a guest post which when up I will share with you.  So please enjoy again one of my most popular posts.

Why do we search for our roots?

What’s important about knowing where we come from?  Which tribe we belong to?

I’ve know people who were raised in a loving home yet when they discovered they had been adopted searched at great expense for their biological parents.  There was a hole they needed to fill. Read More→

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Don’t Be the Best!

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I began this blog a year ago with a dream.  I wanted to help people live more successful lives through applying practical spiritual principles.  It’s been a challenge, though.  Writing weekly is demanding.  Having the site crash not once but twice, exasperating.  Especially for a non tech guy who just wants to turn on the computer and have it work.

I’ve reached several thousand readers yet haven’t made deep connections with many of them.

And a year later I’m evaluating and asking, “Is it really making a difference?”

I recently read a quote which focused my thoughts.I can’t find the source but he said:

“Don’t be the best at what you do.  Be the only one doing what you do.”

I thought about writers with huge followings.  Or companies that create devoted fans.   They live out that philosophy.  They connect with people in a way no one else does. Read More→

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The Choice Between Incredible or Inexcusable

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We flew to Tucson to visit our son who we hadn’t seen in nearly five months.  We planned our arrival at 7:30 p.m. to enjoy dinner together.  It wasn’t to be.

After a short layover in Phoenix we boarded.  A few minutes before departure the captain announced, “I have good news and bad news.”

I thought, “No, that’s never good news.”

“We’re boarded and ready on time.  But the bad news is our first officer was sent to another flight so we need to find first officer.”

I looked around the cabin to see if we had any volunteers but I guess it doesn’t work that way.

After trying to find a first officer for 45 minutes they cancelled the flight.

And then the comedy began. Read More→

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